Based out of Portland, OR.

The band has just released their first LP - All Things Unconsidered. 
The record contains remixed and remastered classics from their demo release in 2017 and 4 new songs. 

-All Things Unconsidered- was released December 20th - with a single released on October 31st 2019. 

On July 10th, they are releasing a live EP from their aclaimed newest release. The live EP will be released for digital streaming through, The Banana Stand Media Company.

They are also writing a full length album, there is no release date currently set.


A few words in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. 


We wanted to reach out to each of you and express our deepest sympathies and concerns for you and your families, during these confusing times. It is the hope of everyone in Dream Wulf, that this message of condolence reaches you and brings you lucidity and belief. Hold peace in the mind that we are all in this and going through this global tragedy together. There will be a new day. During this time, as other artists and businesses that are following the same regulations, all of our previously booked shows have been postponed or canceled. We believe this is unavoidable, and as hard as it may be to not be in all of your embrace- in all of its pure and shining glory, it is critical to do so. This belief stems from the love we have for you and the safety we wish for all of you.
This includes our time together as a band. We have decided to get creative and practice through other mediums such as a virtual stream, scratch tracks, and writing new material. We want to stay prepared to see all of you again and rock harder than ever post global recovery! 
As always and forever we love you.

Forever yours, 


Live EP of All Things Unconsidered  

July 10TH

We are releasing a live EP of 4 crowd favorites from All Things Unconsidered. All video and audio was cultivated through local media company, The Banana Stand. The EP was recorded live in 1 take, at Bensons Amps Warehouse, located in Portland, Oregon. The album will be available for digital streaming July 10th, and paired with a video for each song from that live set. 

Northern Lights (Live at Bensons Amps)

All Things Unconsidered 

 is a 7 song, studio cut LP. It is Dream Wulf's first true release. All Things Unconsidered was recorded at Hallowed Halls Studio in  SE Portland, Oregon, August 2019, over the span of 3 days performed live. 


The album, is available online for purchase on our online store, through stores like Apple Music and CD Baby, and is being distributed globally on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Pandora. 

Purchase links! 



Wear Wulf (physical)


Streaming links!

Spotify Dream Wulf Radio 

Pandora Dream Wulf Radio 

Spotify (All Things Unconsidered) Album 


Studio and Mix Engineer  - Mathew Thomson 

Mastering Engineer - Dana White 

Album Art - Jessica Bahl 


Available now as a limited edition vinyl! 


Every record is marble textured.


 We've decided to remain planet conscious and utilize recycled vinyl molds. This means everyone's copy of the record will have slight variations in their coloring, while holding the same milky marbled look. 
Make sure, when you receive yours, to take a photo and to hash tag #mydreamwulfcopy - so we can be just as excited with you!

The vinyl contains a side A and a side B. These beauties are a limited edition (200 copies only!)
The record is 140 gram custom colored 12” American made vinyl; recorded, mixed, mastered, distributed, and molded in Portland, Oregon. 



Each copy is supplied with full colored labels, SBS full color jackets and are poly wrapped waiting for you to rip it to shreds.


Distributed by CraveDog Records Portland, OR. 

Manufactured by Cascade Record Pressing, Milwaukie, OR

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