Recorded at Hallowed Halls, Portland, OR 

Recorded and mixed by Matt Thompson of Ivy League Recordings - 

Mastered by Dana White of Specialized Mastering 


Dream Wulf is: 

Glenn Walters - Percussion 

Kyla Maunakea - Bass

John Villadelgado - Guitar and Vocals 

Jessica Bahl - Vocals and Guitar 


All songs by Jessica Bahl & John Villadelgado All Songs © 2019 Dream Wulf



Here is a video of us making the record! 




Video production by Artem Popov 

The process of making a record is a testament of temperance and of character. It is the recreation of emotional creativity in the presence of strangers. It is - expressing every ounce of what you've discovered and who you are into one neatly pressed package. It is not an easy task, but - is the best feeling. From the late nights spent peering into the peaks and valleys of our beings, to the long studio days spent tracking this EP live, we put nearly all of ourselves into the recordings you’re about to hear. All that work begins to redeem itself in our own first listens, but the real joy comes from sharing it with you, our dear friends and peers. If you’re here, it means you’re hearing this record early, so we ask that you not share this page publicly. You being here also means, that despite the great wealth of amazing music in the world, you’ve taken a moment to hear what we’ve created, and that’s not lost on us, so thank you.


Please, enjoy our first EP, All Things Unconsidered




Dream Wulf 


all things unconsidered will be available on CD and digital platforms on DECEMBER 20TH. If you would like to download a copy now, use the button that corresponds to the format you’d like and you’ll be directed to a private Dropbox folder. 


We’ve earmarked the tracks “BLUE DREAM” as an early-premiere single. If you are interested in hosting a track or video premiere, or have questions about the release, please contact us at: 


Video Production by Rose City Music Review 

The music video for the single Blue Dream (above)

was produced by Rose City Music Review in Portland, Oregon. 


The single and video were released on Halloween Day 2019.

Available now on all digital streaming platforms. 



All Things Unconsidered, the unreleased double EP 

will premiere on December 20th 2019